About The Coffee Tasting Club

The only place to try delicious, freshly roasted coffee from all your favourite roasters.

Here at the Coffee Tasting Club we believe that everyone deserves good coffee. Did you know the average bag of freeze dried coffee you buy from the supermarket has been on the shelf for 12 months? For coffee to taste its best you need to drink it within the first three months of roasting, and that's why we wanted to work with talented UK roasters to provide freshly roasted coffee that's bursting with flavour. 

Coffee Tasting Club started out as an idea in 2013, when founder Rob discovered that there was nowhere on the Internet where he could buy Coffee from a selection of the best UK roasters, all in one place. 

Rob said:

"When I looked into it, it was something that people had tried but nobody had really succeeded with. I could buy all the best Coffee from the individual roasters, but that meant I had to pay multiple shipping costs. I am fortunate enough to be a director of a digital marketing agency so we were able to put resources into the idea to see if it was something that had any mileage. We spoke to a number of roasters to get their feedback and decided it was something that we could make work."

And that's how the Coffee Tasting Club was born. After 12 months of creating our website, building our social media following and working closely with a variety of roasters to bring you only the best coffees, we're finally here.

We want to encourage you to enjoy the different flavours and blends available that are being roasted in the UK today. Our range will be seasonal and fresh, not to mention delicious! Start your coffee adventure today with the Coffee Tasting Club.