Slowly making your coffee in a stovetop percolator is a brilliant way to make rich, high quality coffee for an authentic taste. Our selection of ground coffee for perculator is packed with top quality beans for your stovetop coffee. Each blend or single origin coffee has been carefully roasted in the UK and selected by the Coffee Tasting Club for its flavour and caliber. Our range includes coffee from Africa, Asia and South America available whole bean or ground. Find your perfect percolator coffee below. 

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Making Stovetop Coffee

Stovetop coffee makers, also known as percolators, are a form of coffee maker that was invented by the Italians in the 1930s. These machines make coffee by passing steam through coffee grounds under high pressure. The water is placed in the bottom of the machine, in a part called the boiler. The coffee is added to a filter in the middle, and the upper part receives the prepared coffee. The water can be heated through induction, hence the “Stovetop” name, although some newer machines have their own built-in heating elements. These are often referred to as Moka pot coffee makers.

When the Stovetop coffee machine is heated, the water will boil and will turn to steam, passing through the filter and condensing in the upper chamber to produce a strong, clean cup of coffee.  The steam that the Stovetop coffee machine makes is very high in temperature, and under a lot of pressure, but the water that passes through the grounds is no hotter than 90 degrees Celsius, which is the same as the temperature used by other coffee makers.

Stovetop coffee machines are very versatile and can be used with a range of different specialty coffees. They are simple to operate, and this means that they are becoming very popular. The flavour that they produce depends on the coarseness of the grind, the temperature that the water is heated to, and the type of coffee. They have a similar extraction ratio to a conventional espresso maker, and produce much stronger drinks than a standard drip brew. With the right bean selection, a Stovetop coffee machine can produce a satisfying crema. The brew holds a lot of similarities to an espresso, however the lower pressure that it is produced at (just two bar, compared to nine bar for an espresso) mean that there is distinct difference to the flavour.