Small Batch Coffee Company

Small Batch Coffee Company are all about the coffee experience. As a roaster they do their utmost to get everyone who is involved in their business educated, trained and immersed in coffee.  They source high quality unroasted beans from South America and beyond, ensuring ethical practices are followed. Beans are roasted in batches no larger than 12 kilograms (hence ‘Small Batch’!) for flavour and freshness.

Small Batch roast with gas fired bespoke machines and view the roasting process as a cross between a craft and a science. Our range of Small Batch coffees includes some unique blends and single origins from Bolivia, Mexico and Peru. You can choose whole bean, fine, or coarse ground coffee for a delicious flavour however you brew.  With Small Batch you’ll always get seasonal components, expertly blended and roasted for a satisfying and smooth taste.  

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