Footprint Coffee

Footprint hand roasted coffee are the first carbon neutral coffee roastery built on a strong code of ethics and the spirit of adventure. They are dedicated to roasting exceptional coffee and only use high quality coffee beans. Their coffee is roasted using flame roasting techniques, which requires skill but brings out the delicate flavours of the coffee that can sometimes be lost.

Footprint coffees use Arabica beans which are sustainably sourced and always come from fair and ethical relationships with coffee farmers. With the company founded after the owner’s adventurous trip to the Americas, you might notice some interesting coffee names based on their voyages.

Our range of Footprint coffees is wide and varied, with worldwide origins including Africa, Asia and South America. Offering both blends and single origin coffee suitable for Chemex, Aeropress, Cafetiere, Filter, Stovetop or Espresso, you’re sure to find a Footprint coffee to suit your taste.

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