One of the most well-loved ways of making coffee in the world, our range of filter coffee beans are perfect for making great tasting filter coffee. We've selected our favourite coffees with subtle flavours ideal for your filter. Buy filter coffee finely ground for the best results. Shop through our range of expertly roasted ground filter coffee below, and brew your perfect cup at home. 

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Making Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is the often-overlooked sibling of the cafetiere and the espresso. In the UK, when we think of filter coffee most of us think of stale grounds and lukewarm coffee served in a conference hall or a chain pub, but the fact is that when filter coffee is made right – as it is on the continent – it is a low hassle way to produce a great tasting, fresh cup.

The secret, as usual, is in the coffee grounds. Your coffee will taste much better if you use freshly roasted and ground coffee each time, and change the filter paper for each batch. If your coffee machine has a permanent filter, it is important that you clean it properly, because if you allow stale coffee oil to build up on the machine it will make future brews taste overly bitter. The coffee you use for a filter machine should be ground slightly finer than what would use for an espresso machine with a paper filter. This will ensure that the flavour transfers well into the cup.

Pre-heat the serving cup with a little hot water for the best drinking experience. Some filter brewers require you to pour the hot water directly onto the grinds yourself, while others heat the water for you to the perfect temperature and then pump it over automatically, at the best rate for optimal extraction.

Filter coffee brewing is ideal for specialty coffees that have nuanced flavours and subtle undertones that may be overpowered if you serve those brews as an espresso. Note that if you leave your coffee in the filter machine for too long then it will become stale and bitter. Try to serve the coffee immediately after brewing to ensure the best aroma and a smooth, pleasant mouthfeel.