Offering you high quality espresso coffee, our range of coffee for espresso allows you to make superbly tasting espresso coffee at home. We've carefully selected the best espresso blends and single origin coffees for you. A good espresso calls for a very fine and even grind so select accordingly or choose whole bean to grind yourself at home. Find out more about our range of espresso coffee below, all freshly roasted in the UK.

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Espresso Coffee Making

The espresso is widely regarded as the purest essence of coffee. It is an indulgent treat made with just 30ml of water, and has a strong, powerful taste as well as an invigorating caffeine hit. With the right beans, espressos can be a true taste experience, however some of the finest cafetiere coffees in the world tend to become distorted when you make them as an espresso, so it is important to pick the right blends for your brew.

As you would expect, you will get the best taste if you grind your own beans as and when you need them. However, if you cannot do this, choose espresso grind, rather than coffee that has been pre-ground for a filter machine. Filter coffee makers use a coarser grind than espresso makers. Coffee that was roasted about a week ago is the best choice, since older coffee will have a weaker aroma and a poor crema, and could potentially have an overly bitter taste. It is possible to have coffee that is too fresh for espresso making – within the first week after roasting coffee tends to produce a foamy, bubbly extraction and a “hard” flavour.

Use about seven grams of grinds per espresso shot, and take care to tamp the shot properly into the filter. This will ensure that the water flows through the beans evenly, and ensure that you get the best possible crema. If you find that the flavour is lacking, try a finer grind, increase the pressure or tamp the coffee more firmly. Pressure is the most important thing here; if you do not use enough pressure then you are not making an espresso, but simply a very small amount of traditionally brewed coffee. Ideally, you should use 1-2 bar for a stovetop or Moka coffee maker, and 9 bar for an espresso maker.