Tea-trader Frank Edgcumbes Rendle retired from his trade in 1981, and moved from Calcutta back to the UK. Upon his return, he ran into a problem – he no longer had access to high-quality loose-leaf tea. There just wasn’t any to be found in the UK!

So he did what any good businessman should – he made his own blend using his kitchen scales and a handful of premium grade Assam and Kenyan leaves. Since then, Edgcumbes’ business has expanded, and now includes freshly roasted coffee as well as loose leaf tea. The philosophy is as hands-on as it ever was, though – they believe that small batch, fresh-roasted coffee invariably tastes better than its mass-produced equivalent. And they’re obviously correct!

This Roaster, as well as producing great-tasting, award-winning coffee, is committed to environmental responsibility. They built their latest café and Roastery using mostly recycled materials, and sell refillable tins to their local customers. They also make use of discarded coffee-grounds to fertilise local plants, and are currently collaborating with Brighton University to develop new uses for recycled coffee sacks. Edgcumbes are Rainforest Alliance certified, and frequently visit their suppliers to ensure an ethical supply chain – and one which produces great coffee!

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