The Coffee Tasting Club's range of expertly roasted coffee for chemex offers you superb quality in a range of options. Chemex calls for a medium to coarse grind so select your grind accordingly, or choose whole bean and grind freshly before making. Explore our range below and find the best chemex coffee for you. We've selected the best coffee for chemex from our favourite UK roasters, so you can savour their aromas and enjoy the rich coffee flavour.   

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Chemex Coffee Making

The Chemex coffee maker is a great machine for people who want to make clean, refined and well-rounded coffees while ensuring that they retain their distinctive aromas and pleasant cup. The standard-sized Chemex brewer makes six cups of coffee, or two average-sized mugs, and it takes less than four minutes to complete the process, from bean to cup.

For the best taste, you should grind your beans using a burr grinder before you brew them. This will stop the coffee from oxidizing and losing its flavour. Boil enough water to make the amount of coffee you are aiming for, and place the filter into the brewing jug, with the multi-layered side pointing towards the spout of the jug. There’s no need to re-boil the water after doing this – ideally the water should have been off the boil, cooling, for 30 seconds or slightly longer by this point.

Pour the hot water slowly around the filter so that the inside of the filter is damp, then pour out that water, carefully, keeping the filter in place. Dampening the filter like this will ensure that your coffee does not develop a “papery” flavour.

Add the coffee (about 20g per mug that you want to make) to the filter, and shake the filter gently so that the grounds settle. Pour a little water over the grounds so that they are wet, and let the water soak into the coffee. The coffee should “bloom”, producing some lovely aromas and releasing any trapped gasses. After 45 seconds, start pouring the rest of the water into the coffee, slowly and at a steady pace. Pause only if the water level reaches the top of the filter. The pouring process should take no more than four minutes – if it takes longer, use a coarser setting next time you grind your coffee.