Cafetiere coffee offers a great taste and distinct aroma as you press the coffee and extract the rich flavour. To get the best coffee for cafetiere it should be coarsely ground, select your grind or choose whole bean and grind your own. Shop through our hand-picked range of coffee perfect for your cafetiere. Each smooth blend or single origin coffee is freshly roasted in the UK by some of the best gourmet coffee roasters we could find. 

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Cafetieres and Coffee Making

The cafetiere, or French press, is one of the most popular ways of brewing specialty coffee. It is a simple way to make fresh coffee, and it produces a lovely brew that shows off the rounded flavours of your beans.

If you are making coffee using a cafetiere, you should choose beans that are ground slightly more coarsely than you would use for a filter. Add about 25g of coffee (two rounded dessertspoons’ worth) to the cafetiere for each mug of coffee that you want to make. Note that the “cup” markers on the cafetiere are for demitasse cups, so three “cups” is just over one mug of coffee.

For the best taste, boil some water and let it sit for 30 seconds, then pour the water onto the grounds until the grounds are properly wetted. Wait for a few moments to let the grounds absorb the water, then add the rest of the water at a slow and steady pace. If you are making coffee using very dark, strong grounds it may foam slightly. Let the foam settle then top up the water to the appropriate amount.

Put the plunger into the cafetiere to stop the coffee from cooling too quickly. Wait for four minutes, and then slowly plunge the filter to the bottom of the cafetiere. Pour the coffee and drink it before it cools. The most common mistakes people make when serving cafetiere coffee are pouring the water onto the coffee when it is too hot, or plunging too soon.

Cafetieres are a great way to serve individual cups of coffee, and once you master the art of preparing a fresh brew you will find that they do a great job of preserving the richness and freshness of the lot.