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Many of us love to drink coffee, in fact recent statistics show that 70m cups of coffee are consumed in the UK each day. So coffee drinkers can’t all be the same! Most of us are partial to our coffee in a particular way, for our own maximum enjoyment. That leaves us asking the question: What does the coffee we choose tell us about our personality?

Okay, we know that these are stereotypes. I’m sure you might recognize a few! There are so many unwritten rules in the world of coffee shops and coffee drinking so we thought we’d take a tongue-in-cheek look at how to spot coffee personalities you might want to avoid! Please don’t be offended by our light-hearted look at different types of coffee drinker, but keep an eye out for them in everyday life 😉

The Black Coffee Drinker

If you drink black coffee you are a creature of habit, a purist. You are aware that you sometimes come across as quiet and moody, so when you’ve got your dose of caffeine you’re occasionally prone to wild spurts of extrovert behaviour. The rest of the time, you’re as solid and dependable as a rock.

black coffee drinker personality

The Cappuccino Drinker

A social butterfly, you are an eternal optimist and like to chat (once fuelled by the caffeine, of course!). You have artistic impulses that need to be expressed. When in the coffee shop, you feel totally at home and may be found chatting, doodling or channelling your creativity through origami (what are you looking at? Of course nobody minds that I’ve made all the napkins beautiful, who needs them anyway?!).

The cappuccino drinker

The Latte Drinker

You’re laid back and like your home comforts. Your coffee is one of them, it’s bubbly, warm and soothing. If it’s cuddly and comfortable, you’re into it. You soften things for everyone else too, speaking any harsh words that you really can’t avoid saying in a baby voice to make sure they’re not too cutting. Ah.

The latte drinker

The Espresso Drinker

You’re caffeinated to the max, but you don’t have any time to waste on a long drink of coffee. A hardworking leader, your coffee helps you keep on the go permanently. Others will struggle to keep up, which is fine, as long as they’re not foolish. Oh no. You do not tolerate foolishness.

The espresso drinker

The Frappuccino Drinker

You are a stylish trendsetter, wearing all the top fashions before they are fashionable! Impulsive and spontaneous, you move from one thing to another with ease and flair, Frappuccino in hand, with its useful straw. Nothing holds your attention for long, there’s always something better and newer to tear you away!

The frappuccino drinker

The Artisan Coffee Drinker

You are fashionable, but not in a mainstream way. You’re different to all the others. Those popular coffee chains are not for you, you take your coffee seriously and like it to be different, special and ethically produced. You’re surrounded by hipsters, but you’re not one of them. You’re different. You’re you.

The Artisan Coffee Drinker

Do you see someone familiar? Let us know, although it’s probably best not to name names unless you’re pointing the finger at yourself! We hope this made you chuckle over your morning brew :)