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Following the interest in our ‘What’s Your Coffee Personality?’ illustrations we decided to take a look at some of the other intriguing people that inhabit the coffee world. There are a multitude of different choices you can make about your coffee and this time, rather than looking at the coffee you drink, we’ve focused on the way you choose to brew.

Do you always drink instant? Or use a coffee maker with different flavoured pods? Perhaps you make your coffee with a French press or cafetière, or maybe you prefer a good pourover. Or perhaps you don’t brew your own at all, brewing is for the Barista, right? The method you choose can say a lot about your personality, so beware! Once again please only read on if you’re ready for a chuckle, these ‘personalities’ are here to entertain, not offend!

The After Dinner Plunger

You brew your coffee in a coffee press, that’s the way to get “proper coffee”. You love to plunge after a good old fashioned dinner party, it puts on a pleasant show. You enjoy the simplicity of the coffee plunger, there’s no complicated technology to decipher. You’ve got all your amusing stories ready to tell to whoever is listening and you’re carefully planned your outfit without realising it’s not quite up to today’s trends…

Brews with french press

The Pod Pusher

You’re a home body that likes to experiment with tastes. You love mastering your favourite gadgets and then showing off your skills, your gadgets are the best now you’ve got them, even though you probably needed persuading to get them in the first place. You can offer anyone the coffee of their choice, one-handed whilst multi-tasking to sort out the kids. And the mug? Yes, your kids painted it, aren’t they talented?

uses a coffee machine

The Instant Addict

You’re after a caffeine hit, and it’s simple. Boil the kettle, pour the water in. It’s coffee, and it’s hot. Your practical nature is clear, you’re usually seen in clothes fit for the garden or DIY and your look might be described by others as slightly ‘unkempt’. But what do you care? There’s things to do. The mug is simply a vessel, as anything will do yours probably has a few chips from regular use but why replace it when it still does the job?

Instant coffee lover

The Pour Over Purist

Brewing your coffee is important, and getting it right is a science. It’s got to be just right. You take time to perfect your brew, measuring weighing and controlling the conditions. And when it’s ready, you can’t just drink it from any old mug, oh no. Your mug regulates the temperature so it’s just right, as well as being designed to maximise flavour in just the right way. When you’ve had your brew you’ll probably cycle somewhere to find someone to discuss it with in depth.

Pour over coffee maker

The Barista’s Bestie

Why would you brew your own coffee? That’s what the Barisa is there for, right? You’ve got the cash to splash on visiting the coffee shop and little time to spare. You’re well-groomed and usually seen dressed in business attire. You send the message that you’re ‘in business’ with your important documents, expensive smart phone and keys to a flashy car that you ‘accidentally’ put on the counter for everyone to see. You ask for the bill right away so you can dash off to your important meeting.

Orders from a barista

Does your brew reflect you? Or do you recognise somebody else above? Next time you spot someone by the way they brew, it might just make you smile… :)