Our range of coffee for aeropress has been carefully selected and is ideal for achieving the best tasting results from your aeropress coffee maker. Take a look at our range of high quality aeropress coffee, carefully roasted by our selection of the best UK roasters. All our speciality coffees are available in a fine grind ideal for making aeropress coffee, or you can choose whole bean and grind your own. Choose from single origin or coffee blends from all over the world, as well as decaf coffee for aeropress. 

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The AeroPress is a coffee brewing system produced by Aerobie. This innovative coffee maker uses a filter and plunger based system to produce strong, flavourful brews with minimal acidity. It differs from the French Pot and the press pot in that the water is not in contact with the coffee for very long. Rather, the coffee grounds are in contact with the water for just ten or fifteen seconds before the water is forced through the grounds under high pressure, just like in an espresso machine.

Using an AeroPress is simple. You simply place a filter into the device, add the grounds, place the AeroPress over your mug, and then heat up some water water. It is important that the water is between 165 to 175 degrees F., which is a rather different temperature to what you would use for standard filter coffee, and hotter than boiling temperature for people who live close to sea level. When the water is at the right temperature, pour it into the AeroPress, filling the press up to the markings on the side and stir the water gently for a few seconds.

Finally slightly wet the rubber seal on the plunger, and place it into the AeroPress. Firmly and slowly press down on the plunger to force the water through the coffee grinds and into your cup or mug. This should take about 20 seconds.

The AeroPress makes small, espresso-style cups of coffee. These are smooth, rich and highly concentrated. If you prefer a more traditional filter drink, add some hot water to the espresso that is in the cup. Do not try to put more water than suggested through the AeroPress itself – this won’t produce the expected result, but will leave you with a rather bitter and acidic tasting drink.