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Kenya Kiri Estate AA

Kenya Kiri Estate AA

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Ever wanted a service that gave you high-quality, UK roasted coffee sent to your door every month? We have, so that’s exactly what we’ve done! We’ve put together this 6 month subscription plan so you can enjoy coffee the way we do at Coffee Tasting Club.  By signing up to this subscription you’re opening your doors to 6 months of heaven.

We like to drink our coffee within 2 weeks of it being roasted so you can be safe in the mind of knowing that we’ll only deliver freshly roasted coffee to your door.

The way we differ from other subscription services is that we offer coffee from a variety of different roasters. For the 6 months that you’re with us you’ll receive coffee from our Roaster of the Month which, like the title suggests changes every month. Not only does the roaster change but the country in which the coffee was harvested from will also change every month (that’s the ‘Tasting’ part!).

Our 6 month subscription service is perfect to give as a gift for the coffee lover in your life.*  The coffee will be delivered straight to their door along with a letter from us telling you where the coffee has come from, the background and roasting information of the coffee and we’ll also include the tasting notes! As an extra gift from us, we’ll also send out our 33 Cups of Coffee book at no extra charge. This book is great for any coffee fanatic that likes to record coffee notes and information. It’s also good to keep note of what coffee you’ve had and whether you liked it or not – think of it as a personal coffee journal.

*Please let us know if you’re buying this a gift so we can make changes accordingly.