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Tanzania Tweega

Tanzania Tweega

  • 200 Degrees Coffee
  • This Brazilian coffee comes from Minas Gerais. It’s been processed using the pulped-natural method, and has a bright, clean body in the cup. Plum, berry and chocolate flavours are there in perfect proportion.
Region: Central America
Country: Brazil
Process: Natural
Flavours: Berries, Chocolate, Plum
Brewing Methods: Stovetop, Filter, Cafetiere, Aeropress, Chemex


Brazil is the foremost superpower in the world of coffee production. Plantations cover more than ten thousand square miles of its surface, with around three-quarters of the trees grown there being high-quality Arabica. Much of that activity is focussed in Minas Gerais, a sprawling region at the nation’s centre where the landscape and climate are optimal for producing a great crop.

It’s in this part of the world that we find that Fazenda Caixetas, a farm covering more than 132 hectares and an altitude of just over a 1,150 metres. 115 of those hectares are used for coffee farming, but the remainder are used as a nature reserve, helping the farm to produce its crop in a sustainable manner.

Under the management of Wagner Ferrero, the farm grows many different varietals, including Acaia, Tupi, Yellow Bourbon, Catuai and Uva, and processes them using both natural and pulped-natural methods. This lot of Uva uses the latter method – it’s been pulped in order to remove the mucilage before being left to dry on a raised bed. The result is a cleaner, more delicate drink; you’ll find plum and berry flavours alongside dark chocolate ones, and the whole thing is slightly sweetened by the pulping process.